Inside the property

you’ll be able to just relax by the pool, go for a walk through the hills, and visit our orange tree garden where you’re welcome to pick up your own fruits.

Pêgo do Inferno

There is a beautiful natural waterfall known as “Pêgo do Inferno” located at a 10 minute walk from the property. This is considered one of Tavira’s most mythical spots and it is a mandatory stop if you’re visiting the area.

Tavira’s Beaches

Algarve is the home of some of the best beaches in the world. In Tavira, long white sandy beaches surrounded by Mediterranean landscape, are bathed by the Atlantic waters. Here you’re always able to find a place just for yourself.

Ria Formosa

is one of the most important places for biodiversity in Portugal, the presence of a wide range of wild fishes and birds makes it an important location for birdwatchers and all Nature lovers.

Fishing & Watersports

Oysters and clams are grown here in this natural environment, we recommend seafood and fish restaurants.
Such a richness makes all Algarve coast a great place for fishing, from reef and boat fishing to big marlins and tuna.
The region offer good conditions for a wide range of water activities, SUP or paddle surf, canoeing, windsurf, kite surf, sport fishing, spear fishing, scuba diving, free diving, or just a quiet boat ride.
Golf courses abound and with all the nice weather we get is always a good option.